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  • Self-Improvement


    The sun is just beginning to peek over the horizon, and I awake.   Before I open my eyes, I make a mental note of five people for whom I am grateful today.  Then, I count backwards from five… Five… four… three… two… On “one”, I open my eyes and get out of bed. So far, I […]

  • A Covid Christmas

    A Covid Christmas

    It’s taken away so much already. Don’t let Covid take Christmas, too!

  • Puppy Love

    Puppy Love

    This is what happens when you never wanted a dog and then BAM!

  • Creativity in the Contaminate Zone

    Creativity in the Contaminate Zone

    Thinking outside the box and the containment zone.

  • Assessing My Needs in the CZ

    Assessing My Needs in the CZ

    What do I need? What do I want? Can I have both?

  • Tips From The Containment Zone

    Tips From The Containment Zone

    Losing your marbles? I’m here to help.

  • Day 9 From the Containment Zone

    Day 9 From the Containment Zone

    March 19, 2020 (Toilet paper inventory: holding at 12 rolls) Here in the containment zone, every morning is pretty much the same. I have my rituals in place and go through them step-by-step… Wake up (Essential) Assess breathing and check for body aches/fever (All good) Tend to morning ablutions (Use your imagination. On second thought, don’t.) […]

  • Greetings From The Containment Zone

    Greetings From The Containment Zone

    Unless you’ve been in the middle of a Rip Van Winkle nap since January, you are aware of the coronavirus. And if you live anywhere in or near New York City (like me), you are probably reading this because you’ve already washed your doorknobs, sanitized your phone, had your fourth cup of coffee and run […]

  • The Quiet One

    The Quiet One

    It is a warm July evening in 1964. A gift arrives in the mail for my brother Dominic’s 10th birthday. Our Uncle Louis and Aunt Rosemary have sent him the one and only thing every kid wants in 1964: the coveted Meet The Beatles LP.  I am only three-years-old, but know who the Beatles are and I can […]

  • By The Sea

    By The Sea

    When is a cottage still a cottage, but not really?