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  • Puppy Love

    Puppy Love

    This is what happens when you never wanted a dog and then BAM!

  • Mother’s Day Special

    Mother’s Day Special

    She loved you, held your hair back when you were sick, comforted you through break ups…no, not your college roommate. I’m talking about your mother! This Mother’s Day will be like no other. I won’t be with my kids. I won’t be with my own mother. Yes, we call and we FaceTime, but that’s hardly […]

  • Slump


    Are you feeling lazy? Have I got a recipe for you!

  • Go Bananas

    Go Bananas

    SNORK goes bananas!

  • Getting Saucy With Governor Cuomo

    Getting Saucy With Governor Cuomo

    No need to bicker with your little brother, sir. SNORK is sending reinforcements.

  • Day 9 From the Containment Zone

    Day 9 From the Containment Zone

    March 19, 2020 (Toilet paper inventory: holding at 12 rolls) Here in the containment zone, every morning is pretty much the same. I have my rituals in place and go through them step-by-step… Wake up (Essential) Assess breathing and check for body aches/fever (All good) Tend to morning ablutions (Use your imagination. On second thought, don’t.) […]

  • Sustenance


    Food. Nourishment. Grub. Whatever you want to call that stuff you stuff into your mouth, its intended purpose is to support life. I remember watching a TED Talk comparing the human brain to other animals. Our brains are more evolved because we cook our food. Could it really be that simple? It is, and here’s […]

  • Matzo Ball Soup

    Matzo Ball Soup

    (Don’t miss out on additional content. Listen to Matzo Ball Soup on SNORK, the podcast! Click Here! In the Spring of 1990, Easter and Passover landed on the same weekend. It just so happened, that was also the weekend I chose to bring my boyfriend home to meet my family. Since we are Catholic and he is Jewish, […]

  • Give Them Love

    Give Them Love

    For many, the holidays are a time of rejoicing, of abundance, and of feasting. But it can be the most difficult time of the year for many others. This SNORK is a public service announcement, dedicated to shining a light on a group of people who are often mocked, marginalized, and misunderstood. I am, of […]

  • My New Lover

    My New Lover

    I’m going to do some things in today’s post that I’ve never done in this blog before.  For starters, I’m going to tell you what really gets my motor going.  I’m going to get specific.  And I’m going to name names.  Brace. Women often have to think outside the box to spice things up at […]