Anita Rosner, seen taking life seriously.
Anita Rosner, seen taking life seriously.

My name is Anita Rosner, and I live in New York with my husband, son, daughter and our dog, Fluffy.  In addition to writing and running the family, I’ve also created a podcast series based on this blog.  It’s aptly named “SNORK, the podcast” and is available on iTunes.  CLICK HERE for your free subscription.

For reasons I can’t explain, funny things seem to happen to me on a regular basis.  It may be because I’m sort of a doctor (see: Righteous!) or that I might be a little bit psychic – if you believe in such powers (see: Madame Fortuna Knows All).  Whatever the reason, the funny is out there, and it seems to find me.

Since I love writing and making people laugh, I thought: why not combine the two?  That’s why I created  SNORK and SNORK, the podcast.  The stories are real (because you can’t make this stuff up!).  Sometimes, I’ll add  just a pinch of artistic license.

Snorking is a great way to brighten your day and alleviate sinus pressure at the same time!*   However, for your own safety, avoid sipping hot drinks when snorking (they snork uncomfortably).

So I hope you’ll subscribe or stop by every now and then, for a chuckle and a guffaw.  You can also “Like” SNORK on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @SNORK,the podcast and @AnitaRosner.

Have a very snorky day.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

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  1. Oww, this looks like so much fun. Thanks for following me, now I must follow back! (The title hooked me) 😉

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