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Fluffy Rosner wants to know
Fluffy Rosner wants to know

This will be a short post because I don’t have thumbs, so typing is kind of hard for me.

I’m filling in for my mom because she went on vacation…without me. I’m not saying I should have gone with her…and daddy…and my brother…and my sister (basically everybody else, but me). I know it’s hard to travel with me. I need my special things: my potty pad, my bowls, my special food, my toys, my bed, my treats, my Metamucil (it’s a long story, kind of personal and embarrassing, so I’d rather not get into it). With all my stuff, and having to carry me sometimes, it would be like traveling with a toddler (although, I can’t imagine them leaving a toddler behind…)

I know they need a break because they all work kind of hard-ish. They have stress from doing people things like walking upright, being allowed in restaurants, going to the movies, dancing – all those terribly stressful human things. But, you know, we dogs have our share of stress, too.

While we’re flopped on the sofa, drooling, snoring, whatever, we are thinking! That’s right. We are great thinkers. We think about our next meal, our favorite toys, our next walk, chewing your favorite pair of shoes if you don’t take us on our walk, etc. And of course, we are always on high alert, should you require our protection – you already have our loyalty and love (you’re kind of needy, come to think of it). All these demands are a lot of pressure for pups.

I think dogs should get a vacation once in a while. I wonder if you agree. That’s why I’m posting a poll this week. Tell me, shouldn’t your beloved four-legged family member get a holiday, too?

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  1. Fluffy – this is Elvis. I belong to a friend of your mommy and daddy. And I don’t know how to break this to you but I’m in Nantucket on vacation right now with my mommy and daddy. So yes sometimes we do get to go! I hope you get to go on the next trip! Love, Elvis

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