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  • Introducing: SNORK, the podcast!

    Introducing: SNORK, the podcast!

    Hello, Snorkers! At the beginning of this year, I hinted that some changes were coming to SNORK. Well, they have finally arrived!  Aside from our whole new look, we also have a new format. SNORK, the podcast, a radio show version of the blog you love, is now available on iTunes!  CLICK HERE for your free subscription. You can also access the show in […]

  • Siri-ously?


    Can we all agree that relationships are tricky? Sometimes, the most difficult ones are with those closest to us. Take, for example, the small woman who lives within my iPhone. Her name is Siri, and I carry her around in my purse. When we first met, Siri and I had a great time together. We’d […]